The real reason Boeing\'s new plane crashed twice


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    Il y a 4 jours

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    • CartoonCraze


      Il y a 22 heures

      737 likes on this comment?

    • Dan Wonders

      Dan Wonders

      Il y a jour

      Brad W I wasn’t inferring the 73 had a pusher. Only using that as a ‘standard’ stall prevention term in reference that the MCAS was not a stall prevention tool. I apologize for the misunderstanding. However, the MCAS is ONLY there to create the same feel as the NG due to the higher pickup tendencies from a more forward (not up) and higher thrust engines, thus differences training is only required and not a different type.

    • sailaab


      Il y a jour

      can various *governments* of all countries wherever these coffins were supplied not file en-masse lawsuits? or similar to class action suits which they have in Divided States of Murica? the certifying and monitoring bodies, be it FDA or pharma industry bodies, are all sold out, lethargic or corrupt and incompetent. Bringing them to book or making them change their ways is important too.

  2. NyDAZ3R


    Il y a 22 heures

    I wish this video would come out later then it did. There is new updated information about exactly what happened in flight. This video is not wrong but is not fully correct. Upon further investigation: 1. It was found there was a bird strike (something hit the airplane on takeoff) on the AOA sensor on the Ethiopian flight. This caused false readings on the sensor which had an effect on the crash.2. Yes the MCAS took over and forced the airplane down.3. The new report shows the pilots followed the check list and turned the system off. However, after regaining some type of control they turned the system back on. Which later unfortunately the plane crashed. Unlike Lion Air, there was multiple factors that brought this plane down. I study and work on many aircraft. I'm a fan of your videos but I believe this video should have been released after a full report has been done.

  3. john lightbody

    john lightbody

    Il y a 22 heures

    Boeing surely must be facing corporate manslaughter charges?! To install MCAS but not inform Pilots is criminally negligent!!

  4. Petko Velev

    Petko Velev

    Il y a 22 heures

    We can say Good Bye Boeing.........

  5. Ward Ulens

    Ward Ulens

    Il y a 22 heures

    This sounds like the title of a creepypasta, it kinda is, actually.....

  6. xenon20121


    Il y a 22 heures

    It is a clear design flaw and Boeing should recall these planes. The software update won't magically balance the plane.

  7. Idham Alwi

    Idham Alwi

    Il y a 22 heures

    again, it's about a bussiness, damn you capitalist

  8. I make thing worse

    I make thing worse

    Il y a 22 heures

    American govt wont strike on boeing . Who else is gonna provide them advance defence material

  9. Karl Hans

    Karl Hans

    Il y a 22 heures

    just buy airbus and you dont have this issue LOL

  10. Bandicoot803


    Il y a 22 heures

    A human at the controls always must have the upper hand on no matter what system is put in service to help facilitate flying!

  11. TheSpliffinatoR


    Il y a 22 heures

    Good ol' healthy Capitalism and Competition at work here. Nothing to see...move along.

  12. LTLGamer1


    Il y a 23 heures

    Well, our fathers and grandfathers had the McDonnell Douglas DC-10. Our generation has Boeing 737 MAX-8. Also, the 'software' issues remind me of the ADIRU 1 failures on various Airbus A330s in the mid-late 2000s especially Qantas 72.

  13. BOEİNG 737 MAX 8

    BOEİNG 737 MAX 8

    Il y a 23 heures


  14. Luca H

    Luca H

    Il y a 23 heures

    This doesn't make any sense whatsoever. How does moving the engines up cause the nose to pitch up? Shouldn't it cause the nose to pitch down? You've moving the center of thrust higher up relative to the center of mass. That should cause the nose to pitch *down*, not up.

  15. alone will

    alone will

    Il y a 23 heures

    4.6k Boeing Bots..

  16. Son Maix

    Son Maix

    Il y a 23 heures

    It's all about money.

  17. Husin R. Wijaya

    Husin R. Wijaya

    Il y a 23 heures

    As an Indonesian, when the first Max 8 crashed, the whole country shocked, we all shocked how come a brand new plane would crash..?? At that time we heard that Boeing denied the plane had an issue. Boeing blamed the pilot and blamed the airline's maintenance....Now what? This video is crystal clear. Thanks Vox!

  18. Lucas Sesboüé

    Lucas Sesboüé

    Il y a 23 heures

    Some pictures (like the belongings pointed out in several comments) are very graphic, unnecessarily so, IMHO. I was quite disturbed and didn't expect to see this in a Vox video. For the rest, great video.

  19. Captain Tobias

    Captain Tobias

    Il y a 23 heures

    It's like not being able to shut down the cruise control in your car! How stupid is that? Yet that happened to the Boeing 737 Max. Even my car has several fail-safe mechanisms when I use the cruise control. It de-activates when I use my brake, when I change gear or when I press the cruise control Pause button. Moronic Boeing.

  20. Piteng


    Il y a 23 heures

    offering a workaround instead of a real solution for the problem, nice job boeing.

  21. rubberchicken8088


    Il y a 23 heures

    Mitchell Kirkwood: This is not an issue of how pilots reacted to a poor design that appears to be the opposite of fail-safe in my opinion. Nor is it a software issue. This is a fundamental aerodynamics issue. But lets suppose this is a pilot training issue for argument's sake: Do you want to fly on an aircraft where missing a switch (in reality its a series of actions) right after takeoff and at low altitude, during one of the most critical stages of flight where there is little margin for error, causes everyone onboard to die? And do you want to trust a manufacturer that would approve a design like this? I've been a life-long Boeing fan up to this point by the way.



    Il y a 23 heures

    You nailed this with a short, impressive video. GREAT JOB!

  23. Jimbonius Maximus

    Jimbonius Maximus

    Il y a 23 heures

    Man, seeing all the shoes and the belongings, really hit home...

  24. Ceasar Ian Ed Paradero

    Ceasar Ian Ed Paradero

    Il y a 23 heures

    Its all about MONEY, Boeing dont care about peoples lives

  25. Michael Aguirre

    Michael Aguirre

    Il y a 23 heures

    Amazing info....great job. No real solution can come besides "a software fix." More of the same. This is a big deal.

  26. Andreas G.

    Andreas G.

    Il y a jour

    4.6K people work for Boeing, loves Trump and believe on flat earth.

  27. Royal Diamond

    Royal Diamond

    Il y a jour

    This "MISTAKE" killed 200+ people... It's sad how people just lose their loved ones just like that. RIP

  28. Andreas G.

    Andreas G.

    Il y a jour

    Jaw dropping and straight to the point. This is what we need effective clear and short explanations. We didn't need to watch a 45 minutes documentary to understand greed... O.o

  29. rubberchicken8088


    Il y a jour

    Ryan Aegis: This is not a simple "under-the-wing" engine design behavior as you have stated. There is likely a more complicated set of aerodynamic problems including a canard effect that were introduced with the re-engine on the Max, and that are causing the abnormal level of pitch up on takeoff and stall recovery. I think the effects are explained well here:

  30. sunny zags

    sunny zags

    Il y a jour

    All they care about is their business. I mean its okay, everyone does but we have lives at stake here for god sake. I wonder what would happen if there were only one company that made air crafts. But yes, that is not feasible.

  31. Khalid Hebshi

    Khalid Hebshi

    Il y a jour

    Video talking about the 737 MAX. *Thumbnail shows 737-300 (Turbofan)*

  32. Raccoon


    Il y a jour


  33. shivakumar katkuri

    shivakumar katkuri

    Il y a jour

    Corporate compete just to earn money

  34. Mitchell Kirkwood

    Mitchell Kirkwood

    Il y a jour

    Nicely made however it puts boeing at the total reason for the crash which is not the case the M Cas system Indeed Got misinformation from the left sensor outside of the aircraft which made it thank it was going in and up position while the left sensor or Wind vane showed the proper angle of Attack. When M Cass kept Making the elevator go up in position at so many degrees for 10 secondsIt it made it act just like the original 737 run away trim so the procedure to fix both were the same in turning off the cut out switches.The 2nd Max 8 Crash indeed had this problem but the pilots made two errors.. The 1st one was they failed to watch their air speed Which climbed just below the speed of sound and way past The aircraft tolerance and NEVER reduced power keeping it in takeoff position. When they correctly switched off the M Cas system (cutoff switches, The aircraft was going so fast when they tried to trim the elevator from the top position to the middle position The forces on the elevator were so great that they could not turn the wheel by hand Except very slowly so the pilot used the electric trim but after a few seconds stopped and then again try to by hand then they did not follow checklist procedure which said do not turn the M cas system AKA cut off switches back on for any reason, for this would re introduce an instant downward Characteristic which the pilot did they were close to bringing the plane backup when they turned it on and this nose dived it into the ground.

  35. Mark Kuo

    Mark Kuo

    Il y a jour

    New physics law:Boeing + FAA = money +power > human lives 😮

  36. Morris Berry

    Morris Berry

    Il y a jour

    How much training do you need to turn off a switch???

  37. Adrian Carter

    Adrian Carter

    Il y a jour

    Look I'm know expert. But it's clear that it know software issue but rather more of a design flaw. You can clearly see that those engines above the wing cause way to much drag for the plane to fly correctly. Meaning to much drag with minimal pilot training can and will result in a bad outcome. All those souls just to push product out into the market is murder, plain and simple and Boeing should be held accountable for there foolish actions.

  38. Qwerty Qwerty

    Qwerty Qwerty

    Il y a jour

    Really Helpful video. Thx :)

  39. Ryan Aegis

    Ryan Aegis

    Il y a jour

    All under-the-wing engines force the nose up during acceleration, just like over-the-wing engines force the nose down during acceleration. And this is something pilots are trained for. And, actually, moving the engines up higher put the engines closer to the centerline, which would make them push the nose up less than the same engine slung lower below the wing a la Airbus. The difference, besides size, mass, thrust, and efficiency, is that the new engines had to be moved further forward to be raised higher, which makes the fulcrum different, and thus, the plane handles differently. Is Boeing to blame for this design? No. It is not a bad design at all. Are they to blame for the lack of pilot training? No, that is on the airlines for not providing the training or on the pilots for not reading it. Especially after the Lion Air flight went down. Are engine failures to blame on Boeing? No, the engine is made by a third party and fixed to a Boeing aircraft, and maintained by the airline. MCAS is not new, just a name people are now learning. Anti-stall software has been around, and pilots have been trained how to handle a malfunctioning system. If anything, I blame the pilots for not reporting the problems more aggressively, their higher-up's for not fixing the issue sooner, and the pilots who do not know how to fly a plane without computer assistance. And even a novice pilot should know that, when the computer is flying the plane wrong, turn the computer off.

  40. Yasir Irshad

    Yasir Irshad

    Il y a jour

    An engineer's mistake will have bigger consequences.

  41. Yasir Irshad

    Yasir Irshad

    Il y a jour

    Cheers to you guys for the sheer amount of data you got your hands on. Solid research done.

  42. GrotrianSeiler


    Il y a jour

    How could Boeing be so irresponsible? The greed of this company, at the expense of people's lives, is sickening.

  43. hermes wright

    hermes wright

    Il y a jour

    Yet another example of group think, non disclosure and a forced outcome. Beside the point but those ruined Ethiopian engines look altogether different than those engines that hit the Pentagon over 17 years ago.

  44. Dark Abyss

    Dark Abyss

    Il y a jour

    "The real reason why boeing got away with it"

  45. FPVgearhead


    Il y a jour

    Of course nothing going to happen to Boeing there part of the military industrial complex.

  46. Ryan Aegis

    Ryan Aegis

    Il y a jour

    What started out as a relatively good informational film ended being an anti-Boeing film. :(

    • rubberchicken8088


      Il y a jour

      I don't think so. To the contrary, this is probably one of the most objective presentations on this issue that I have seen.. and I've been a Boeing fan my whole life.

  47. Josh Asprey

    Josh Asprey

    Il y a jour

    Boeing should take full responsibility! money in this world could bring the deads back..but surely prevent in happening again by putting preassure to Boeing and FAA..both should be punished severly..

  48. kingwleung


    Il y a jour

    Someone should go to jail for this if this video is true.

  49. Chad will

    Chad will

    Il y a jour

    Going on a flight later...;-;

  50. Pablo Lopez

    Pablo Lopez

    Il y a jour

    Good info, short and sweet. Just to say, Airbus moved to the neo of Bombardier c-series wich the geared turbofan Pratt engine was intended for in the frist place. Boieng and Airbus did not see it coming. Sadly, its now a A 220....and yes i work for Bombardier aerospace.

  51. Gary Jordan

    Gary Jordan

    Il y a jour

    Thank you for the information.

  52. carlsonterrence


    Il y a jour

    Great expose (it's NOT).

  53. _____________a


    Il y a jour

    Do they think people fly on 737 max after these deaths even with MCAS fixes? Dumb, very dumb Boeing.

  54. _____________a


    Il y a jour

    What a stupid move from Boeing, they will lose much more money now because of this incident, not even mentioning their profile. Also, the certification process requires adequate investigation.

  55. james johnson

    james johnson

    Il y a jour

    Exactly correct. All those folks died for nothing.

  56. pa colh

    pa colh

    Il y a jour

    All this true but the problem is training the pilots if there is only one sensor.

  57. Eric Dimartino

    Eric Dimartino

    Il y a jour

    Why couldn't Boeing just extend the front and rear landing gear to allow for more ground clearance...

  58. Kamel Mebhah

    Kamel Mebhah

    Il y a jour

    So sorry for the loved ones left behind, it's good they find out the reason ( problem) thanks for this video)

  59. The Brielle and Bella Show

    The Brielle and Bella Show

    Il y a jour

    how sad...

  60. freggo


    Il y a jour

    The problem with Corporate American engineering... they never met a shortcut they did not like! That's what you get when being good at football etc can get you into a college. First rate at sports makes for a 2nd rate engineer.

  61. chunky lover

    chunky lover

    Il y a jour

    Just seems that this would of happened right away, why were there so many other successful fights before these two horrible crashes

  62. Nita Nadina

    Nita Nadina

    Il y a jour

    Thank you for this wonderfully clear video. Nice research, we very much appreciate it.

  63. Das Boot

    Das Boot

    Il y a jour

    My last plans trip Seattle to Dallas was on 2011 I'll never fly again. I've been up in the air many times and I knew each time was a risk. Planes are not reliable when they malfunction, you can crash but few passengers if any will survive to see the next day.

  64. rubberchicken8088


    Il y a jour

    A word of warning people.. the Boeing PR shills are out in full force in these comments. Some of them will delete their comment if you reply to them as has happened to me.

  65. alex


    Il y a jour

    A company murders 346 people and nothing is done about it while if a man kills someone in self-defense he faces jail time. This is horrible.

  66. Eileen Dover

    Eileen Dover

    Il y a jour

    So basically, boinggg put a bunch of band-aids on a flawed design instead of redesigning it properly for the new engine. Greedy f-tards! And all they plan to do to fix this is some software updates? A greedy F-tard loses out twice!

  67. A KHAN

    A KHAN

    Il y a jour

    " if man was given one valley of gold, he would want another..."

  68. Lucero del Alba

    Lucero del Alba

    Il y a jour

    brilliant video, superb explanation

  69. Drake 222

    Drake 222

    Il y a jour

    Volkswagen had done some mistakes in the past and paid more then 28 Billion USD to the US Government. They cheat the whole market but they risk no one life. Whats with Boeing now???

  70. Phayzyre105


    Il y a jour

    ...And I hear them currently kicking the idea of "sometime in the future there will be no need for a pilot" or words to that effect!? Can you say BULLSHIT!? Sure you can.

  71. Sajith Sm

    Sajith Sm

    Il y a jour


  72. Roger Hargreaves

    Roger Hargreaves

    Il y a jour

    Yes, but don’t speculate until the full investigation report is published.

  73. Kenneth Mileski

    Kenneth Mileski

    Il y a jour

    You need to also address how cultural differences were also a contributing factor. Many pilots in other countries are severely restricted on their latitude to take any initiative. If they do anything outside of their training, they fear for their job. American pilots on the other hand will say 'f**k this s**t and shut of the autopilot and fly the damn plane. You are WAY understating the scope of the problem when you say 'few' US pilots reported the issue.

  74. Ethan Winchester

    Ethan Winchester

    Il y a jour

    This video is in poor taste

  75. Promas Trouvant

    Promas Trouvant

    Il y a jour

    5:22 A race to death

  76. Schwapping mags

    Schwapping mags

    Il y a jour

    ask an aviation expert on the 737max before posting this video. some "facts" are just misleading or even wrong. the preliminary report stated things very clearly. dont "assume" things when you dont have the knowledge required to make such an assumption.

  77. Patrick Palmarella

    Patrick Palmarella

    Il y a jour

    Backed by jews. Sue them is like to sue a pharmaceutical companies when your child dies from a vaccination. You cannot sue a jew. They are the terrorists.



    Il y a jour

    Did you also get lobbied by Boeing because you seem to say that it's not their mistake when it was it's because you the American airplane manufacturing companies that is causing problems everywhere Lockheed boeing and an indian very old mig took down a American jet and recently a Japanese f35 crashed it's horrible how these American companies cover up their faults

  79. Krishna Mandal

    Krishna Mandal

    Il y a jour

    Unhealthy competition

  80. Ross Little

    Ross Little

    Il y a jour

    Clickbait. 'Here's the real reason...' as if we didn't know this already. Bullshit.

    • rubberchicken8088


      Il y a jour

      Ross Little Not at all. This is the best synopsis of what I think happened and have thought for some time, although much better articulated and visualized.

  81. Mohammed Khalaf

    Mohammed Khalaf

    Il y a jour

    Now I understood..👍

  82. Peter Blau

    Peter Blau

    Il y a jour

    So is this video for people unable to read the stories in the newspapers weeks earlier? There is nothing new here that wasn't in the NY Times, WaPo, Seattle Times -- including the videos. The only thing that's new is the bad, nasal voiceover..

  83. MrHnd1988


    Il y a jour

    Screw you Boeing for not highlighting on MCAS. Inhumane

  84. Barrett Powell

    Barrett Powell

    Il y a jour

    Where is your report after the Air France Flight 447 crashed into the ocean on its way back from Rio de Janeiro. 216 passengers and 12 crew died on impact...or the Airbus A320-111 operated by Air France that crashed while making a low pass over Mulhouse-Habsheim Airport (ICAO airport code LFGB) as part of the Habsheim Air Show? Both of these were caused by similar by wire flight control systems...Could it be you have ulterior motive?

  85. phosfanian devil

    phosfanian devil

    Il y a jour

    What you failed to mention is that the first officers on board of both flights were massively undertrained in flying period. Not just in the flight systems. Many southwest pilots experienced the same mcas problems but they were trained in the system and were able to turn the system off before anything crazy happened. Any good pilot knows not to let the plane get into over controlling oscillations like that shown in the graph. The problem starts when you try to manually fight the autotrim and get into those oscillations. The solution is as simple as flipping a switch and manually flying the plane. Boeing is only partly to blame. In my eyes the inexperienced pilots from countries with low ATP requirements should be mostly to blame

    • rubberchicken8088


      Il y a jour

      phosfanian devil This is not a training issue or a software issue; it’s a fundamental aerodynamics issue. But let’s say for the sake of argument that this is a training issue. Would you want to fly on an aircraft with such a precarious design that missing one switch (and in reality it’s not one switch - it’s a series of repeated actions) immediately after an abnormal situation right after takeoff (low altitude) causes everyone onboard to die?

  86. J J

    J J

    Il y a jour

    I talked to a couple Pilots and a couple mechanics and it's more then he just being the 737 Max. Training was a big issue but you have to look at the companies that fly the max. I would not worry about the max in America because when this issue came about the pilot went on strike and said they would not fly the 737 Max 8 until proper training was given. Because they ran into the same issue. I'm not sure of the country are unionized. What are the airline companies I refusing to make sure their pilots are properly trained. I blame the companies not Boeing

  87. Paul Amarante

    Paul Amarante

    Il y a jour

    “If it’s a Boeing, I ain’t going”

  88. Systox25


    Il y a jour


  89. Benny Ceca

    Benny Ceca

    Il y a jour

    If US citizens die, they would sue for billions especially if the company is foregin, US judges don't hold back in allowing it, same thing should happen to Boeing now, who rushed this change purely for profit! Real people died! All along, the US authorities didn't even want to ground the planes after the crashes, disgraceful! Luckily, other countries didn't hold back and did ground them almost immediately.

  90. Paul Pietschinski

    Paul Pietschinski

    Il y a jour

    The world is a business. Money always comes first.

  91. mariogrip


    Il y a jour

    Lesson learned, Fly Airbus

  92. aminu aidara

    aminu aidara

    Il y a jour

    Is all about money not u or me.....

  93. Aerinidous


    Il y a jour

    This is bullshit. Who not defame Airbus and all planes, as there have been many more than these 2 accidents. This was paid for by Airbus.

    • rubberchicken8088


      Il y a jour

      I don't think it is BS. I've been a fan of aviation and Boeing my whole life until the Max iteration. I'm sure there are lots of ex-Boeing fans in these postings. There is a fundamental aerodynamic design problem here that cannot be corrected with any amount of software or training. And to compound the problem further, Boeing is not owning up to this.

  94. Antoine Swans

    Antoine Swans

    Il y a jour

    So essentially you can get away with mass murders if you have deep enough pockets and the country you're from likes what you can do for them. Hold Boeing accountable by not booking flights on airlines that fly the 737 max. As we now see that your dollar speaks louder than any voice or comments has the power to do. Or will we quickly forget and give in until the next issue arises to repeat this same scenario over? That choice is up to you. I will not book any type flight on the 737 Max!

  95. Matt H

    Matt H

    Il y a jour

    It's all about the money for Boeing, passengers lives and safety a mere after thought. They were just trying to save money by not having to re-badge and re-certify a new airframe design, which would have cost them millions. So Boeing said hey, let's just cram these large engines (that don't fit) under the wings and call it good. I have a jet aircraft maintenance background, moving the engines forward and upright to make them fit under the wings was a really really bad idea, basically unbalancing the lift dynamics of the aircraft thus causing the plane to nose up into a stall under full throttle. And relying on software and sensors to fix the problem was a terrible terrible ideal by Boeing. I'm sure the pilots were desperately fighting the computers taking over the flight controls (malfunctioning) until they ultimately crashed and died. Shame on Boeing.

  96. Benny Rahmat

    Benny Rahmat

    Il y a jour

    4:42 i can't imagine the scream of the passengers inside thr plane 😢

  97. Abe Safey

    Abe Safey

    Il y a jour

    Greed, cheet and being unaccountable makes Boeing dare to play with people's lives

  98. I_Seng


    Il y a jour

    I don't want to fly with boeing anymore.

  99. n0ckter


    Il y a jour

    The system doesn't use the available n+0 angle of attack sensors properly. If both Senor's do not send the same data, MCAS should have shutdown automatically, it did not, instead it plowed them into the ground in a runaway trim condition. All this can be seen in the flight recorder data.

  100. Erol Germann

    Erol Germann

    Il y a jour

    ***In this case; Boeing used passengers as test dummies....***