Keanu Reeves Shows Us His Most Prized Motorcycles | Collected | GQ

Keanu Reeves shows us his most prized motorcycles at his shop, Arch Motorcycle. From his green Ducati in The Matrix Reloaded to his custom built Arch motorcycles, Keanu takes us through his collection!
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Keanu Reeves Shows Us His Most Prized Motorcycles | Collected | GQ


  1. mike larry

    mike larry

    Il y a 15 heures

    He age very good

  2. Anar Aghayev

    Anar Aghayev

    Il y a 15 heures

    The craziest thing is this man is 54 years old lmao

  3. Adrian Pancaldi

    Adrian Pancaldi

    Il y a 15 heures

    Nice guy! He is wrong that his Norton has a featherbed frame. Yes it has a rubber mounted engine, but the Featherbed name was the earlier Norton frame that the engine wasn’t rubber mounted, and a totally different design.The name was given by a racer as the description of riding it. A true Norton enthusiast would know that...

  4. Spooky Bob

    Spooky Bob

    Il y a 15 heures

    every time I hear Keanu Reeves I hear logic singing Keanu Reeves

  5. johnny gazinta

    johnny gazinta

    Il y a 15 heures

    Keanu, how about a beautiful Electric or Hydrogen powered bike?

  6. Mari PD

    Mari PD

    Il y a 15 heures

    I love Keanu omg never die

  7. allen christian

    allen christian

    Il y a 15 heures

    Life is motorcycle, motorcycle is life. 😍😍😍

  8. Sonic Rubio

    Sonic Rubio

    Il y a 15 heures

    Panis yan sa Honda Wave 100cc ko.. Hahaha ;)

  9. Mamta singh

    Mamta singh

    Il y a 15 heures

    Wow look at keanu in life vs in John wick

  10. Mazda rx7

    Mazda rx7

    Il y a 16 heures

    bodywork @10:00 reminds me of the Britten V1000

  11. blutrax8201


    Il y a 16 heures

    • 124 CI, 2032cc S&S Cycle T124 45 degree downdraft fuel injected V-Twin engine in a sport chassis? Heck yea!

  12. Thor Son of Odin

    Thor Son of Odin

    Il y a 16 heures

    Reeves: "I am riding the ZX10" Me: Foking A!!!

  13. T-Mass


    Il y a 16 heures

    bro please go on the JRE podcast

  14. ddrusa


    Il y a 16 heures

    Aka bill and ted

  15. chocombo gaming

    chocombo gaming

    Il y a 16 heures

    KR is my last action movie hero

  16. the_official _Lexicon

    the_official _Lexicon

    Il y a 16 heures

    Logic made a song about you!

  17. g3attack


    Il y a 16 heures

    Awesome! I just wish they were not so expensive!

  18. stackmoney yadigg

    stackmoney yadigg

    Il y a 17 heures

    Those bikes he's got are awesome with the S&S Motors. And he gave some really good advice at the end for beginner Riders my advice for beginner Riders when you go around at turn rather be on the street or the freeway on ramp or off ramp any turn it all go very slow the G-Force will put you in the oncoming Lane the turn makes the bike go wide wider than you're expecting and you could end up in a bad situation so take my advice and go slow around turns have a nice day

  19. Jeremy TerWisscha

    Jeremy TerWisscha

    Il y a 17 heures

    I do wonder if Keanu Reeves has ever rode or wanted to ride a 1930s Harley Davidson Knucklehead

  20. M字ハゲイケメン3留大学生


    Il y a 17 heures

    Even he has many cool motorcycles, he has no friends,,,,,,

  21. Carlos Roacho

    Carlos Roacho

    Il y a 17 heures

    What about a smaller transmission ti get shorter distance between axles

  22. Machinist


    Il y a 17 heures

    A celeb with his own personality who doesnt have to parrot sjw crap and lecture everyone 👌👍

  23. Dimitris Varsakis

    Dimitris Varsakis

    Il y a 17 heures

    He never gets old..

  24. hep2x samson

    hep2x samson

    Il y a 17 heures


  25. Samuel Romans

    Samuel Romans

    Il y a 17 heures

    These bikes are 80k dollars.......

  26. Broo_sh


    Il y a 17 heures

    ive been waitting at reeves make a bisnes of his love toys bruuum bruuum Wiiiiiiiiiiiiiuuuuuuuuuuh

  27. Psyco S.L

    Psyco S.L

    Il y a 17 heures

    IM FAST 1:subscribe 2:like 3:comment 1k subs goal , i do the same

  28. Merlin Broaddus

    Merlin Broaddus

    Il y a 18 heures

    I would LOVE to go for a ride with Keanu Reeves. Granted, I ride a bagger, and if Arch did baggers, I WOULD SOOOO be looking at them!!!!!!!!

  29. Damocles


    Il y a 18 heures

    I wonder what he'd say about Confederate Motors P120 combat.

  30. Danny


    Il y a 18 heures

    I didn't know John Wick owned this many bikes!



    Il y a 18 heures

    great safty tips bro...gear your bikes down when learning to ride,,and live through it,,,,

  32. shottingham


    Il y a 18 heures

    I absolutely love this! Keanu is legit one of thee most wholesome motherfuckers in all of Rapeywood and still continues to be a beacon of positivity.

  33. Varan S

    Varan S

    Il y a 18 heures

    Keanu is an all around good person. You hear nothing but the best things about him.

  34. Garth Adams

    Garth Adams

    Il y a 18 heures

    thumb up

  35. Dany AL

    Dany AL

    Il y a 18 heures

    He knows what's up with the addition!!! 5:00 love it!!!!

  36. Alberto2341


    Il y a 18 heures

    What did you do with Keanu, John?

  37. Apieceofcrap


    Il y a 18 heures

    you become a collector when you become addicted

  38. cyril zosa

    cyril zosa

    Il y a 18 heures

    I like how he talks. Like a 17 year old Surfer dude.

  39. H3x43dr0n


    Il y a 18 heures

    deve ser muito ruim ter ansiedade nesse ponto, mesmo com notoriedade e dinheiro, que nós que não temos pensamos que é nosso único problema.

  40. Aleksandr Georgievich 71

    Aleksandr Georgievich 71

    Il y a 18 heures


  41. SHIFTY


    Il y a 18 heures

    TOP GUY.

  42. kabau sirah

    kabau sirah

    Il y a 18 heures

    *_sad_* *_keanu_* 😢

  43. charlie Charles

    charlie Charles

    Il y a 18 heures

    Thank you.that was an excellent adventure in motorcycling.

  44. ISF Movie Clips

    ISF Movie Clips

    Il y a 19 heures

    tree ....

  45. Luxorcist


    Il y a 19 heures

    Keanu reminds me of Paul Gilbert

  46. Robert Mueller

    Robert Mueller

    Il y a 19 heures

    Keanu needs to be on RIDE with Norman, OMG what an episode that would be.

  47. Артур Халилов

    Артур Халилов

    Il y a 19 heures

    Iron Horse 🐴

  48. Hillbilly Redneck

    Hillbilly Redneck

    Il y a 19 heures

    Is it just me or does he seem unusually normal for HOLLYWEIRD???

  49. Air Crack

    Air Crack

    Il y a 19 heures

    make it electric, sell it at low price, you will save the air what you breath

  50. Sargent boom

    Sargent boom

    Il y a 19 heures

    Man he sure looks like john wick

  51. David B

    David B

    Il y a 19 heures

    I just love this guy!

  52. Dennis Gonzalez

    Dennis Gonzalez

    Il y a 19 heures

    Love that he's so passionate about this.

  53. Lonicus Maximus

    Lonicus Maximus

    Il y a 19 heures

    Motorcycles are therapeutic. Only a motorcyclist understands. Two of my favorite bikes in one video (Norton 850 Commando, Ducati 916 series). Sorry, haven't ridden an Arch yet. ;)

  54. Apollo Great

    Apollo Great

    Il y a 19 heures

    One reason I like Keanu Reeves.

  55. kaj750


    Il y a 20 heures

    Dude loves his bikes and is passionate about them. We should all be so lucky as to be involved in what we care about most. Props.

  56. Jack Ung

    Jack Ung

    Il y a 20 heures

    Why he dress like bojack horsemen tho

  57. MrPopo


    Il y a 20 heures

    Keanu is such a cool dude... Sup my Homie

  58. Thalles Valle

    Thalles Valle

    Il y a 20 heures

    hes a great guy, always humble and you know, very kind

  59. Louis Brien

    Louis Brien

    Il y a 20 heures

    In '83 I guess I was a Yorkville Pirate with a GPZ550 wrapped in a Rickman Centura 3/4, round light, W/Rask rear sets, and drop bars a 3/4 turn throttle plus a howling Wolf Header, I drove across Canada and the US, laying on a tank bag. I also taught the Canada Safety Council Course at Humber College, regarding Keanu, the more I hear about this guy, the more I like him. Those were the good old days.

  60. Phipps’ Fixes

    Phipps’ Fixes

    Il y a 20 heures

    I have always said get something you can grow into and not out of.

  61. HAHA.8888


    Il y a 20 heures

    /t arch motorcycles is building the worlds first market ready parachute motorcycle seat. ` www.google.com/search?newwindow=1&q=parachute+motorcycle+seat&tbm=isch&source=univ&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwjy9Pytgd3hAhUEUKwKHe-IA9AQsAR6BAgmEAE&biw=1008&bih=682

  62. Filip Ziętek

    Filip Ziętek

    Il y a 20 heures

    Can't belive he is almost 40 years old!

  63. John Adevan

    John Adevan

    Il y a 20 heures

    ¿Desde cuándo Marco Antonio Solis colecciona Motocicletas?

  64. Conner Shoup

    Conner Shoup

    Il y a 20 heures

    I saw no collection, just the bikes his company sells

  65. Joel Threatt

    Joel Threatt

    Il y a 20 heures

    Carrie Ann Moss, wow!!

  66. Joel Threatt

    Joel Threatt

    Il y a 20 heures

    I like Keanu Reeves attitude. Seems to be real and down to earth. Excellent craftsman in his field. Keep on keeping us awed.

  67. Robert Lukasevic

    Robert Lukasevic

    Il y a 21 heure

    I've never seen Keanu so ALIVE! ))

  68. Azz Meza

    Azz Meza

    Il y a 21 heure

    Get back on stage , john wick

  69. MrEhf111


    Il y a 21 heure

    Throughout my life (62 years) ... I've owned them all (well most). The "Ton" 850 was an excellent second bike choice. The Ducati 998 was considered super futuristic when released ... I lusted after the 999 but it was a financial bridge too far so I opted for the more affordable Japanese offering. My brand was Kawasaki ... always the sport model. If you want a wild ride I had several Kawi H2 triples. In line 3 cylinder two stroke engines. They go like stink in a straight line but corner like a bucket of oatmeal ... fun. Anyway, I love the Arch design ... over the years I've developed a liking for muscular "Hooligan" bikes. Well done.

  70. Kervel Alfred

    Kervel Alfred

    Il y a 21 heure

    John wick loves bikes ima get me a bike

  71. Viktor Tsvetanov

    Viktor Tsvetanov

    Il y a 21 heure

    For his 98th birthday, 65 years ago, he bought a Honda

  72. Steve Jamal

    Steve Jamal

    Il y a 21 heure

    All of the arch bike looks ugly sorry to say that but this is my opinion

  73. John Alvarez

    John Alvarez

    Il y a 21 heure

    Knowing the hardships Keanu has experienced in his life, and yet has stayed a humble and kind human being. It's nice to see he has a strong passion that brings him happiness.

  74. find4something


    Il y a 21 heure

    Can I have one of these for my birthday? PLEASE! I even do not have license, but I'm working on it.

  75. Держи Какеготам

    Держи Какеготам

    Il y a 21 heure

    Кеану крутой чувак

  76. PSYCHO


    Il y a 22 heures

    Can anyone recommend a good beginner motorcycle for myself? I'm working towards my license and my goal is to own a Suzuki Hayabusa.

  77. no body

    no body

    Il y a 22 heures


  78. Aaron Davis

    Aaron Davis

    Il y a 22 heures

    a humble, down to earth human.

  79. Benjamin Whitley

    Benjamin Whitley

    Il y a 22 heures

    GQ, now get Ewan McGregor to hang out with Keanu and talk bikes all day at Arch and the test track. I would love to see these two guys geek out over bikes.

  80. Zachary Pollack

    Zachary Pollack

    Il y a 22 heures

    I dont like bikes that my feet touch the ground. I got short legs... If its lowered and the frame touches the ground. Its all over and spilt... Like them deep turns.

  81. Kane Lono

    Kane Lono

    Il y a 22 heures

    I wish I had been born naturally stoned.

  82. Tegan69


    Il y a 22 heures

    KR has never ridden a MotoGP? Surprised! I'd assume he'd own a few of them!

  83. PC 300

    PC 300

    Il y a 22 heures


  84. Mitchell Stiles

    Mitchell Stiles

    Il y a 22 heures

    Very cool dude.

  85. Taufik Rahman

    Taufik Rahman

    Il y a 22 heures

    Despite his age, Keanu Reeves looks great with long hair and facial though. 😁

    • A A A

      A A A

      Il y a 20 heures

      Taufik Rahman I swear he’s a vampire

  86. andreds


    Il y a 23 heures

    Man.... I'm 100% sure that being friends with Keanu Reeves it's just awesome... such a nice guy

  87. mikhail poe

    mikhail poe

    Il y a 23 heures

    I've been going through withdrawals for 5 years 😭

  88. Ingo Lubcke

    Ingo Lubcke

    Il y a 23 heures

    cool bikes! I need one in Germany??!!

  89. Jack Kovar

    Jack Kovar

    Il y a 23 heures

    Keanu, thanks for telling us about Motorcycles. Bless

  90. Adamska Ocelot

    Adamska Ocelot

    Il y a 23 heures

    everyday i ask God for the gift of Keanu's aging

  91. andre20rm


    Il y a 23 heures

    Keanu,a big man

  92. jimmy white

    jimmy white

    Il y a 23 heures

    When you were 10 a bunch of pirate men touched you in Toronto...that's awful, but you're brave to share!

  93. nucyblock nucyblock

    nucyblock nucyblock

    Il y a 23 heures


  94. Bustroff


    Il y a jour

    Try to get jupiter made by sssr

  95. meteora Guy

    meteora Guy

    Il y a jour

    This guy sounds like he's got lots of struggles within his heart. You can feel the atmosphere of his thoughts, the way he talks, gets excited...everything has a limit. It is nice to listen to such people, bcause life tries to crush them, but they chose to remain on their feet, without making somebody fall.

  96. Will Gibbons

    Will Gibbons

    Il y a jour

    omg the Method 143... :o throw a inline 4 engine into that and its the bike of my dreams

  97. Water Boy

    Water Boy

    Il y a jour

    Damm is they anything he can’t do I swear if he was a salesman he would of got me

  98. James Tudor

    James Tudor

    Il y a jour

    I am so pleased he has the 998. So many movie icons lost without trace.

  99. Phil


    Il y a jour

    You take that zx10 to the track and youve only done 135? Come on man. Enjoyed the vid though, thanks for sharing your passion.

  100. Marcus Zheng

    Marcus Zheng

    Il y a jour